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Do you ever wonder if you have sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior, to find out click here to take the test for Sex Addiction Screening Test (SAST) for free online. 

Sex & Love Addiction Resources





****'Latest Research Shows Same Brain Activity for Sex Addiction and Drug Addiction'****


Click here to read this article


*****What Porn Does To Intimacy****


Click here to read this article




Click here for information about

Love Addiction or to find out if

you are a Love Addict. 



Questions for Self Diagnosis

The following questions are designed to be used as a guide to help you identify signs of Love Addiction.

Disclosure Information for Clients


When an client shares information about the behaviors they have participated in during their addiction with their partner it is called a disclosure.  A facilitated disclosure is when this process is facilitated by a therapist. This video discusses the importance of disclosure and how clients can embrace this important part of treatment.

Children At Risk For Compulsive Porn Viewing


Children within the Autism Spectrum with high IQ's are at a much higher risk for pornography addiction due to their tendency to use the internet for social interaction, their inability to socialize in person, uncanny ability to navigate the internet, desire to fit in and their lack of knowledge about normal, healthy sexuality.  Pornography on the internet is a $97 billion industry! More than Walmart, Microsoft, & Google revenues combined!  At least 200 new porn websites are launched daily! Parents please educate yourselves about the amount & type of pornography on today's internet! Stay involved in your children's internet use.  Use filters and do random checks on their search history. If your child gets into trouble with pornography, call us! We can help.


Below is a link to help talk to your children about pornography and help you combat this growing epidemic. 


Houston Area 12-Step Meetings for Sex & Love Addiction
(click on the links below to download a meeting schedule)

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)



Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA)


*****There is now a couples meeting at our office on Sundays at 5pm (In order to attend one person in the couple must attend an S-program)*****


Resources for Partner's of Sex Addicts

Love Addict Cycle

Chemical Dependency Resources

Houston Area 12-Step Meetings for Chemical Dependency (click on the links below to download a meeting schedule)


Houston-Area Treatment Centers

Additional Resources

The Coalition of Behavioral Health Services 

The Coalition of Behavioral Health Services increases awareness, provides education, and creates partnerships that will help to prevent and reduce the problem and effect of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug misuse and related mental and physical health disorders in the Greater Houston area. Feel free to click on the link below to check out their website


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Houston, TX 77055


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